Visit Enjoy Life Land at the GFFAFest

A huge thank you to our title sponsor Enjoy Life Foods. Your support helps us put on amazing events all across the nation, where we bring together gluten-free consumers and companies to learn about each other.

Are you planning on joining us at one of our upcoming shows? Make sure to stop by Enjoy Life Land while you’re there. It’s a place where life is good, friends are family and the snacks are gluten-free and free-from the top 8 allergens! Come visit them at the #GFFAFest and hike Cookie Canyon, swim in the dairy-free Chocolate River and wander through the Free-From Forest while enjoying their delicious snacks along the way! Here’s a sneak peak:



So come and get your samples at Enjoy Life Land at any of our upcoming shows. And don’t forget to share your #JourneytoEnjoyLife:


Ready to join us? Get your tickets in advance and save 20% using coupon code 20OFF.

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