Minneapolis 2018 Lecture and Demo Schedule

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Lecture Schedule Saturday:

11:00-11:50 am – Marlaine Maahs – How to Quit Carbs: A Practical Survival Solution
12:00-12:50 pm – Dr. Amanda Cartee – KEYNOTE: Beyond the Gluten Free Diet: What’s Next in Celiac Disease Research
01:00-01:50 pm – Dr. Rory Faherty – Heal your Gut, Heal your Body
02:00-02:50 pm – Rasa Troup – Honoring Your Body With Fuel You Deserve

Demo Schedule Saturday:

11:00-11:50 am – Hy-Vee – Dinners Made Easy
12:00-12:50 pm – Kathy Schwartz – Orange You Glad It’s Cake?
01:00-01:50 pm – Marie Porter – Delicious Dips
02:00-02:50 pm – Jennifer Reynolds – Chicken and Waffles

Lecture Schedule Sunday:

11:00-11:50 am – Jenna Drew – Boosting Mood and Managing Emotions with Essential Oils
12:00-12:50 pm – Dr. Imad Absah – KEYNOTE: Gluten Related Disorders: Is gluten the latest dietary villain and who should be on gluten free diet?
01:00-01:50 pm – Dr. Rory Faherty – Food Allergies 101

Demo Schedule Sunday:

11:00-11:50 am – Kari Hauger – Crab Cakes
12:00-12:50 pm – Jennifer Reynolds – Easy Summer Side Salads
01:00-01:50 pm – Clover Meadow Bakery – Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Marlaine Maahs

Topic: How to Quit Carbs: A Practical Survival Solution
Location: Lecture Stage

Marlaine is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition ® and GAPS Certified Practitioner with a passion and know-how for informing and inspiring people to transform their habits from eating the modern diet to enjoying the nutritious benefits of a well-balanced whole food diet. Marlaine knows how to leverage nutritional therapy principles and practical skills in cutting edge whole food nutrition science to support individuals who are trying to improve their diet, improve eating habits, manage their weight and optimize their overall health and wellness

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Dr. Amanda Cartee

Topic: KEYNOTE: Beyond the Gluten Free Diet: What’s Next in Celiac Disease Research
Location: Lecture Stage

Join us for a 50 minute session where we review hot topics in celiac disease research, from celiac disease testing to medications. Dr. Amanda Cartee is training in Gastroenterology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and will complete her training in June 2019. She has a special interest in celiac disease and has been working with Dr. Joseph Murray during her training.

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Dr. Rory Faherty

Topic: Heal your Gut, Heal your Body
Location: Lecture Stage

Digestive distress, decreased immunity, mood instability, food allergies, and hormonal imbalances are only a few of the many issues caused by poor gut health and insufficient digestion. Unfortunately, much of the prescribed treatments may provide temporary relief from symptoms, but functional medicine uses a personalized care model focused on the root cause of dysfunction to offer sustainable health transformation. Dr. Rory will teach strategies to improve your gut health, immune function, response to stress, and more with the help of functional medicine!

Topic: Food Allergies 101
Location: Lecture Stage

Dealing with food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities can be uncomfortable, crippling, and even dangerous. These adverse food reactions contribute to far more than just digestive distress and are increasingly being recognized as an epidemic worldwide. You will learn how to identify, manage, and overcome food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities and their complications! Dr. Rory from the Minnesota Center for Functional Medicine will teach simple and sustainable approaches to fight back (and even heal!) from common food offenders and truly take control of your health.

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Rasa Troup

Topic: Honoring Your Body With Fuel You Deserve
Location: Lecture Stage

Explore challenges and barriers to healthy gluten-free eating. Rasa is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, ISAK 1 Certified Anthropometrist, Beijing 2008 Olympian, and Registered Dietitian at University of Minnesota Health.

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Topic: Dinners Made Easy
Location: Demo Stage

Come watch and learn from a local Twin Cities Hy-Vee Dietitian all about how easy dinners can be with Hy-Vee.


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Kathy Schwartz

Topic: Orange You Glad It’s Cake?
Location: Demo Stage

Bring Home the Sunshine! We have a new muffin and mix that will bring sunshine to your mouth. Using our NEW Orange Blossom Honey Muffin Mix, we have created a delightfully fresh orange cake. Sure to please anyone’s palate, our orange cake is certified gluten free. To help with other allergies, it is also dairy and soy free! Using a local honey may also help with seasonal allergies. Easy to make and wonderful to share. We hope you give it a try and love it as much as we do! Now available on Amazon!!

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Marie Porter

Topic: Delicious Dips
Location: Demo Stage

These crazy cool dips are not something your grandma made. The Jalapeno Artichoke Dip similar to Psycho Suzie’s or the Dill Pickle Dip will definitely make your appetizer be the talk of the party. Marie is the author of multiple cookbooks: Beyond Flour, Beyond Flour 2 and More than Poutine.


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Jennifer Reynolds

Topic: Chicken and Waffles
Location: Demo Stage

These aren’t your typical chicken & waffles, though. Learn from the Sauce Goddess how to make crunchy cornmeal waffles then topping them with awesome slow roasted BBQ chicken.

Topic: Easy Summer Side Salads
Location: Demo Stage

The Sauce Goddess loves to grill, but a good main dish needs an awesome side dish, too. Learn how to make a light and fresh cucumber salad along with a sweet heat broccoli salad. Both recipes won’t have the usual creamy sauce either!

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Jenna Drew

Topic: Boosting Mood and Managing Emotions with Essential Oils
Location: Lecture Stage

Discover How to Manage Your Emotions Naturally – Join Jenna as she walks us through how to handle the emotional side of Celiac Disease and learn how gut health can alter mood and emotions.

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Dr. Imad Absah

Topic: KEYNOTE: Gluten Related Disorders: Is gluten the latest dietary villain and who should be on gluten free diet?
Location: Demo Stage

Dr. Imad Absah is a Pediatric Gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He graduated from Damascus University and did pediatric training at the American University of Beirut. He then moved to the States where he completed his residency at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York before completing his pediatric gastroenterology fellowship in 2012 through Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education. Dr. Absah specializes in celiac disease and has presented his research nationally and internationally. He aims to find non-invasive assessment tools, improve healing and quality of life, and, hopefully, prevent any long-term complications.

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Kari Hauger

Topic: Crab Cakes
Location: Demo Stage

Just in time for summer, these restaurant style crab cakes are easy to make at home! Kari from the local blog, Minneceliac, will show you how to make this gluten-free recipe using simple and fresh ingredients found at your nearby Hy-vee.

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Clover Meadow Bakery

Topic: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
Location: Demo Stage

Healthy Desserts made with your needs in mind!! Learn from the vintage bakery girl how to whip up a little bit of happy in 30 minutes or less! These goodies are so mouthwatering you may forget to snap a photo for your friends!

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