Columbus 2018 Lecture and Demo Schedule

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Lecture Schedule Saturday:

11:00-11:50 am – Tiffany Hinton – Mom’s Steps to Removing Inflammation
12:00-12:50 pm – Mary Kay Sharrett RD – KEYNOTE: Nutrition & The Gluten-Free Diet
01:00-01:50 pm – Jen Cuevas – Keto or Paleo? Grain-Free Is the Key!
02:00-02:50 pm – Jenna Drew – Boosting Mood and Managing Emotions with Essential Oils

Demo Schedule Saturday:

11:00-11:50 am – Stacy Stratton – Smoothies & Juice Drinks
12:00-12:50 pm – Sonny Marie’s – 3 Magical Meal Hacks with Sonny Marie’s
01:00-01:50 pm – Julie Morrison – Grain-, Dairy- & Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets
02:00-02:50 pm – Deb Holcomb – Gourmet Made Easy

Lecture Schedule Sunday:

11:00-11:50 am – Colette Chandler – Surviving & Thriving in a Gluten-Free or Allergy-Free Lifestyle
12:00-12:50 pm – Erica Dermer – Myth Busting the Gluten-Free Diet
01:00-01:50 pm – Jen Cuevas – Fundamentals of Grain-Free Cooking

Demo Schedule Sunday:

11:00-11:50 pm – King Arthur Flour – Gluten-Free Biscuits
12:00-12:50 pm – Julie Morrison – Easy Homemade Ravioli
01:00-01:50 pm – Tiffany Hinton – Mom’s Guide to Healing Gut Inflammation


Tiffany Hinton

Topic: Mom’s Steps to Removing Inflammation
Location: Lecture Stage

This educational course will teach you the five steps to heal your inflammation. Tiffany Hinton will share the answers you have been looking for to heal your gut and make your pain go away!

Topic: Mom’s Guide to Healing Gut Inflammation
Location: Demo Stage

Learn how to make 3 power foods to add to your daily routine that will help your gut to heal faster. These 3 foods will help you gain energy and decrease bloating. Join Tiffany Hinton as she explains how to add to your week and get the recipes too.

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Mary Kay Sharrett, MS RD LD CNSC

Topic: KEYNOTE – Nutrition and the Gluten-Free Diet
Location: Lecture Stage

Join Mary Kay Sharrett, a registered dietitian with Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus as she tests your gluten-free labeling IQ, answers your questions about the gluten-free diet and more!

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Jen Cuevas

Topic: Keto or Paleo? Grain-Free is the Key!
Location: Lecture Stage

The hottest new dietary trend is the ketogenic diet, followed closely by a Paleo lifestyle. Is one of these right for you? Jen will outline the differences between the various lifestyles and offer ways to be successful in navigating the details, while providing a simplified approach through grain-free living.

Topic: Fundamentals of Grain-Free Cooking
Location: Lecture Stage

In this interactive session, Jen will touch on the common areas of difficulty for those wanting to successfully follow a grain-free lifestyle while living gluten-free. Bring questions and any stumbling blocks for an open time of sharing solutions.

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Jenna Drew

Topic: Boosting Mood and Managing Emotions with Essential Oils
Location: Lecture Stage

Discover How to Manage Your Emotions Naturally – Join Jenna as she walks us through how to handle the emotional side of Celiac Disease and learn how gut health can alter mood and emotions.

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Stacey Stratton

Topic: Smoothies & Juice Drinks
Location: Demo Stage

Start your day off right! Find out how you can make simple smoothies and delicious juice drinks, that your family will love. Besides learning new recipes, you’ll also learn the many benefits of adding these healthy drinks to your diet.


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Sonny Marie’s

Topic: 3 Magical Meal Hacks with Sonny Marie’s
Location: Demo Stage

Hacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner using Sonny Marie’s products will be featured. Hang out with DoughBoy Danny Coleman as he shares his unique tips & tricks to navigate through this gluten-free lifestyle, for both kids and adults. Kids will also have the opportunity to come on stage to receive Celiac Awards AND grab from the Sonny Treasure Chest for a extra surprise for attending the presentation!

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Julie Morrison

Topic: Grain, Dairy & Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets
Location: Demo Stage

Quick and satisfying, these chicken nuggets are oh-so reminiscent of the drive thru window, but gluten, grain and dairy free, and pretty much all around better for you! Learn how to make some homemade fast BBQ and honey wasabi sauces to dip them in and you’ll have a new family favorite!

Topic: Easy Homemade Ravioli
Location: Demo Stage

Learn how to make and freeze gluten, grain and dairy free Sausage & Pepper Ravioli in record time and start enjoying some pasta again in your gluten free life! This recipe is designed to make a dozen ravioli, and includes information on how to get the recipes for the Chicken Pesto, Beef & Portobello and Butternut Squash flavors too!

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Deb Holcomb

Topic: Gourmet Made Easy
Location: Demo Stage

Learn from a gluten-free cooking class instructor and passionate homeopath how to make gourmet meals with ease.

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Erica Dermer

Topic: Myth Busting the Gluten-Free Diet
Location: Lecture Stage

If you are new to the gluten-free diet, curious about eating gluten-free, or not sure what is fact or fiction, it’s time to find out. Join Celiac and the Beast Blogger and Managing Co-Editor of Gluten Free & More Magazine Erica Dermer as she busts the common myths about the gluten-free diet and living life with celiac disease.

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King Arthur Flour

Topic: Gluten-Free Biscuits
Location: Demo Stage

Join King Arthur Flour as we demonstrate how to use the popular Measure for Measure flour to create delicious gluten-free biscuits. You’ll come away with the understanding of ingredients and techniques to make gluten-free baking easier to implement in your own home.

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Colette Chandler

Topic: Surviving & Thriving in a Gluten-Free or Allergy-Free Lifestyle
Location: Demo Stage

Colette Chandler, co-owner of Colette and Frank’s Gluten Free Goodness has some tips for you because being gluten free and/or allergy free is not easy for anyone; if you are new or you’re a seasoned veteran. Learn what steps help you survive and even thrive in the kitchen, on-the-go, while traveling, and more. Learn some kitchen hacks reduce your time in the kitchen so you can spend more time with friends and family.

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